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Wild Mountain / Taylors Falls Recreation strives to provide fun, interactive and educational field trips that align with the MN Academic Standards and Benchmarks

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 5th & 6th GRADE LEARN TO SKI PROGRAM 2017-2018

Grades 5-6 Standards

Introduce your class to a lifetime sport of skiing! This specialized program includes a class presentation prior to your outing, lift tickets, rental equipment and a “learn to ski” lesson.

Lift ticket, lesson and ski rental $18.00 (rental includes helmet)

Special Needs Student Form [PDF]

Educational Standards [PDF]

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Chaperone Duties [PDF}


WildFitnessGrades 7-12 Standards

This program is specifically designed for 7-12th  grade students to promote overall fitness & well being with the life long sport of skiing.

Lift ticket & lesson $18.00

Lift ticket, lesson & rental $26.00 (helmet included)

*5th/6th Grade & Wild Fitness Programs are valid Monday-Friday 9 AM-3 PM (non-holidays). You will receive 1 complimentary chaperone rental and a complimentary chaperone lift ticket for every 10 paid students you bring.

 Educational Standards [PDF]

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Grades 5-9 Standards

Our unique Science of Snow Tubing program is a hands-on educational field trip that is so fun students won’t even realize they are learning. Students enjoy a day of snow tubing while working in teams to collect data from seven zones. The zones cover average speed, instantaneous speed, force of friction, work and power, coefficient of friction, potential energy, and kinetic energy. Once students collect their data they get to experience physics first hand by doing some tubing for the rest of the visit.

Once students are back in the classroom they will calculate the results of their data using our lesson packets. Teacher and student packets are provided. These packets will provide everything that students and teachers need to complete the Science of Snow Tubing program. Ideal for math and science classes, grades 6-12. Minimum of 30 paid students* Monday-Friday. Cost is $12 per student. 

Teacher Packet SOS [PDF]

Student Packet SOS [PDF]

Educational Standards [PDF] 

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Available Monday-Friday from 10:30am-12:20pm  $9 per student

Dockside educational speech from 10:30am-11am along with a narration and history of the St. Croix River from 11am-12:20pm. 

Take a field trip to Taylors Falls and ride the authentic paddlewheel boat through the historic Dalles of the St. Croix River. Study the fur trade, riverboat commerce, lumbering and logging, Indian history and/or immigration related to the St. Croix River Valley. Box Lunch options available.

Curriculums available in: Logging, Steamboats & Geology 

 This Field Trip meets MN Education Standards for Grades 1-6.

log jam The St. Croix River was an important river highway for logging. During the winters in the final half of the 1800’s and through the first decade of the 1900’s, white pines were cut along the tributaries of the river at many logging camps north of Taylors Falls, Minnesota and St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. In the late spring and early summer the logs were driven down river, some traveled a distance of 100 miles, to the boom site at Stillwater, Minnesota. At the boom logs were sorted and rafted to saw mills along the Mississippi River. The rocky gorge known as “the Dalles” of the St. Croix River at Taylors Falls and St. Croix Falls was a particular challenge for the log drives and the scene of several large log jams.

Logging Curriculum [PDF]

Educational Standards [PDF] This link will provide you with the specific standards & benchmarks met by our Logging field trip.

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STEAMBOATS This field trip meets MN Standard of Education for Grades 4-8.

GroupWavingThe Upper St. Croix River Valley as defined during the steamboat days started from just above Stillwater and ended up river at the head of navigation at Taylors Falls, Minnesota and St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. People in this part of the valley depended on steamboats as the transportation link with the outside world. This started when Indian treaties in 1838 opened the valley to lumbering interests until all the communities along the river had railroad service in 1887. The first boats brought equipment to set up sawmills and also supplied manufactured goods and food for the mill settlements along the river. Later immigrants from foreign countries arrived in ever increasing numbers and started farms. Steamboats were needed to bring farm products to market. Reliance on the boats had its shortfalls; the river was frozen in the winter; during the spring and early summer log drives took over the river; by late summer the river level dropped and the boats had difficulty navigating the shallow St. Croix River.

Steamboats Curriculum [PDF]

Educational Standards [PDF] This link will provide you with the specific standards & benchmarks met by our Steamboat field trip.

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GEOLOGY This field trip meets MN Stanards of Education for Grades 4-9.

pothole speech 5This area of the Minnesota Interstate State Park has many unique geological features not found anywhere else in the world. From the formation of the basalt rock & saltwater sea shore. In more modern times, the effects of the ice ages giving us the beautiful Dalles of the St. Croix that we have today.

Geology Curriculum [PDF]

Educational Standards [PDF] This link will provide you with the specific standards & benchmarks met by our Geology field trip.

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We are located in a rural area, with plenty of grassy picnic areas for lounging in the sun and playing games.  We also have tents, and covered shelters available and picnic tables, volleyball nets and horseshoes throughout the park. You are welcome to bring your own yard games, lawn chairs, coolers and even your own grill if you prefer. No glass bottles please. Or let us do all the work, and cater to your group! Click here for group picnic menu & prices.

SPRING SPECIAL May 22-June 9th 2017                                                 

Click here for pricing and hours. 



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Grades 4-12 Standards

Group Rates With an advanced reservation and a minimum of 6 canoes and/or kayaks, get a discounted group rate. Priced per canoe or kayak.

Educational Standards [PDF]

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