Wild Mountain has a program for your group whether you ski or snowboard once a year or every week.  Our group options are versatile, easy to organize and fun for everyone! Reservations and a 20 person minimum are required. We recommend at least one chaperone for every 20 people and will provide one complimentary lift ticket and rental package for every 20 paid guests. We would also be happy to visit your group before your outing to do a presentation about safety on the slopes and to answer questions about winter fun at Wild Mountain. Ask about pre-paid coupons. They are a great solution if your group members are arriving at different times throughout the day.

Group Inquiry

Want to book a group or get more details on bringing a group?  Click here to send an inquiry or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Winter Readiness Plan

See our opeational plan around COVID-19 here.  


One-Time Groups

Select a time frame to bring out your group (of 20 or more) for a single day or evening.  


Adult Tickets

Ages 18+

Student Tickets

Ages 6-17*

 Weekdays Monday - Friday 10am-9pm

 (includes Martin Luther King Jr and President's Day)



 Weekends Saturday & Sunday 10am-9pm



Evenings Daily 2pm - 9pm



Rental Equipment Package (Ski or Snowboard) All Day
*unless otherwise noted
$22* $22*

 *see 5/6th Grade or Wild Fitness Program




Multiple Visit Packages

Two-Time Program (daily after 2pm)  // Lift Tickets $20 (each night) // Equipment Rental Package $22 (each night)

Three-Time Program (daily after 2pm) // Lift Tickets $19 (each night) // Equipment Rental Package $22 (each night)

Four-Time Program (daily after 2pm) // Lift Tickets $17 (each night) // Equipment Rental Package $22 (each night)


Five-Time Program

Select one night of the week (after 2pm) and ski or snowboard on that particular night 5 times throughout the season.

Lift Ticket $80 (includes all 5 times) // Equipment Rental Package $22 (per night) // Additional guests $21 per lift ticket


Ten Plus Program 

Select one night a week (after 2pm) and ski or snowboard with your group on that particular night for the entire ski/snowboard season!

Lift Ticket $125 (includes 10 plus times) // Equipment Rental Package $22 (per night)

Additional guests $21 per lift ticket (per night).


  • The full package price of $80 or $125 must be paid in advance.

  • Rental packages may be paid at each visit.

  • Invite a guest to join your 5-Time or 10-time group for $21 per lift ticket (per night).

  • Valid nights only after 3pm. Prices are for all ages.

  • Offers limited to the same night each week.

  • Packages are non-transferable. 

Click Here for our One Time to Ten Time Chaperone Duties.


5th & 6th Grade Learn to Ski Program

Each winter, we teach thousands of 5th and 6th graders to ski.  Consider Introducing your class to a lifetime sport of skiing! This specialized program includes a class presentation prior to your outing, lift tickets, rental equipment, helmet and a “learn to ski” lesson.

Student lift ticket, lesson, and ski/helmet rental - $21

Advance reservations required. Available Monday-Friday 9:00 am-3:00 pm. Not available Martin Luther King Day or Presidents Day.

1 comp per 10 paid students.

Special Needs Student Form

Click Here for 5th/6th-grade chaperone duties.

Click Here for our 5th/6th-grade parent letter.

Click Here for our 5th/6th-grade student test.


Wild Fitness Program

This program is specifically designed for 7-12th-grade students to promote overall fitness & well being with the lifelong sport of skiing and snowboarding.

Student lift ticket & lesson - $21

Student lift ticket, lesson & rental - $29

Advance reservations required. Available Monday-Friday 9:00 am-3:00 pm. Not available Martin Luther King Day or Presidents Day.

1 comp per 10 paid students.

Click Here for our Wild Fitness Group Chaperone Duties.


100+ Groups

Bring over 100 people in your group Monday through Friday and receive a special group night rate! // Lift Ticket $17 (all ages) / Ski or snowboard rental $21.

*Not valid weekends, holidays or for our daily lift tickets.

Click Here for our 100+ Group Chaperone Duties.


Wednesday Night Special

Great for churches, youth groups, families and more! Bring at least 20 people out and enjoy winter! Valid 2:00pm - 9:00pm

Lift Ticket $17 // Ski or Snowboard rental $11

Click Here for our Wednesday Group Chaperone Duties.


Home Education Program

This winter, your student may be distance learning at home or be a part of a traditional homeschool curriculm.  Regardless of your students learning situation, our Home Education Days are a perfect way to get outside to support their Physical Education requirements. 

Our program consists of a 4-week session which takes place on Wednesdays (10am - 3pm).  The program is open to both skiers and snowboarders.  There are two different 4-week sessions to choose from.  The program is open to children ages 6+.Advanced reservations are required. Please click HERE for more information and to register or call our office at 651-465-6365.


Scout / 4-H Days

Click HERE or call 651-465-6365 for more information.


Group Check-in Procedures

Please send one group leader to the ticket counter to check-in your group. The group leader should collect all the lift ticket and rental money prior to arriving at the ticket counter. Have your group numbers ready, including the number of lift tickets, number of rentals and lessons. (Please call in advance with final numbers for lift tickes & rental. Please let us know 48 hours in advance on what types of lessons and how many are needed.) Beginner skiers (ages 8 and up) and beginner snowboarders (ages 12 and up) receive a FREE lesson. Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance for all lessons. If you are a tax-exempt organization please fill out and return theST-3 form upon check-in. 

Wild Mountain reserves the right to match any group rate quoted by any Twin Cities Independent Area.


Group Catering Options

Add to your group outing by having a fun, economical and tasty meal (minimum of 20 people). Reservations and deposits are needed for food orders. 

Our 2020-21 Winter Catering Menu is being created now.  For reference, see our 2019-2020 Winter Group Catering Menu here.

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