0E7A8125Racing Fun For Everyone!

The adult Go-Karts travel up to 12 mph. Don't worry, kids you can ride them too. Anyone 54" or taller may ride the Go-Karts alone. Children 36"-54" may ride the adult Go-Karts with an adult for a minimal fee. 

The Kiddie Go-Karts work for those 36 - 54". They run on a separate 300 ft track at up to 5 mph and offer an automatic brake system for added safety.

 Go-Karts Features

-Bigger Motor 9.0 HP

-More torque which gives them a faster start

-New body styles make it easier to get in and out of the go-karts

-The steering provides excellent control and easy turning

-Seats are more comfortable for all body types.

The Go-Karts are available for both adults and children.

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